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Service Growth

Support for Spiritual Development

Credit and Copyright

This website has been developed by Bayleaf Software (Vancouver, Canada) for The Service Growth Project. The project's Director, Dr. Dorothy I. Riddle, is responsible for its content. Users are requested to credit the website as a source when appropriate. Wherever possible, attribution has been noted to the original developer of articles, group processes, or linked websites. If you find that an attribution is missing or is incorrect, please let us know.

Our Linking Policy

We are interested in having this web portal included on the Links section of any organization whose aims are to support spiritual development and the application of a spiritual commitment in service, whether in meditative practices, interpersonal interactions, social change initiatives, or business activities.

In deciding which links to post on this web portal, we are guided by the following criteria:

  • Helpful in advancing individual spiritual development and a change in human consciousness.
  • Inclusive of more than one faith tradition or spiritual practice (generally speaking, we have not included resources restricted to a single religion).
  • Inclusive in language and imagery.
  • Short, practical, and easy to use.
  • Available immediately online (rather than having to order it).
  • Available through groups, particular not-for-profit organizations (rather than private consultants).

Because of the vast number of excellent books, we do not list individual books but rather we include reading lists and online bookstores. Please contact us with any questions.

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Friday, December 4, 2020