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Service Growth

Support for Spiritual Development

About The Service Growth Project

A common thread running through all spiritual traditions is the importance of service. That service may be in our community, for humanity as a whole, or for the eco-system in which humanity lives. We engage in service to learn and grow as well as to contribute to the evolutionary process of all beings. It helps us to remain engaged when we recognize that we are part of a great effort already underway by groups contributing to a quantum shift in human consciousness — which is one of the roles of this web portal.

As an increasing number of persons become interested in spiritual development and contribute through service, whether within or independent of a religious tradition, one of our current challenges is to determine how best to move forward. We already have an extensive knowledge base on how adults learn and change, how groups work together, and how to evaluate any change in which we are engaged. Unfortunately, that knowledge base is not necessarily used when we engage in spiritual development practices. Another role of this web portal is to make that knowledge base readily available to you.

As part of our shift in human consciousness, we also need to change outmoded paternalistic and exclusionary paradigms. Sifting through the rapidly expanding resources available, we can help accelerate the shift to more collaborative and inclusive models by selecting resources that have such values embedded in them — a third role of this web portal.

In developing this web portal, we have aimed to select resources that are easy to use and understand, are not exclusive to only one religious/spiritual tradition, are gender neutral in language and imagery, and support the strengthening of a life of service. The "linked" date indicates the last month that we checked the link to make sure it is working. Please see Our Linking Policy for more specifics.

Also, please log onto the companion web portal,, for resources related to values-conscious business.

If you find this web portal useful, please help enhance its usefulness to other individuals and organizations by (a) including it in the Links on your website, (b) recommending it to others, and (c) suggesting other activities and resources that we could include.

This project is headed by Dr. Dorothy Riddle, who has been associated with the School for Esoteric Studies for the past 35 years. She has lived and worked in over 80 countries, launching initiatives to empower disadvantaged groups. Her engagement in her community and the world has consistently focused on building bridges of tolerance and understanding among persons from different cultural, socioeconomic, and faith communities while working for justice and equity with compassion.

More information can be found at Service Growth -
Friday, December 4, 2020